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At MBS Holistic Health & Wellness Clinic, we believe that your health is the second most important aspect of your life.  Therefore, our focus is to provide care to help preserve and restore your health through weight management from a whole person approach; Mind, Body and Spirit. Our Motto is “ We help you lose weight from the inside out”.

We are here to partner up with you to help meet your personal health goals, therefore we offer several different services in order to individualized your treatment plan for long term success.

Obesity is a chronic disease that is a risk factor for the majority of chronic illnesses and disabilities today.  Losing weight and maintaining it can be difficult to achieve on your own.  For this reason, our Medical Weight Loss Clinic only specializes in this area to give it the attention that is needed for you to not only Look Good or Feel Good but for your life to “Be Good.”

We only have one life to live and one body to give.  God created it, Jesus paid for it, and the Holy Spirit wants to live in it, therefore we ought to take care of it.


Lifestyle Therapies

100% of our clients are provided LT prescription, which includes exercise, nutrition, sleep habits, stress habits, stress reduction techniques, aromatherapy and medication.

Meal Replacement Programs

Foundational to our program which uses high quality meal replacement formulas, protein bars and soups in combination with patient education nutritional resources on specific caloric intake and quality foods.

Medication Management

The prescription drug medical weight loss program involves the use of FDA approved prescription diet pills to curb the appetite and jump-start the weight loss process. It also involves an individualized counseling and exercise component as a part of a complete sage and healthy weight loss diet program.

Free Weight Management Screening
& Monthly Health Promotion Class